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Tiny House Rental (4 Designs)

Campbellfield VIC | Tiny Houses

Tiny House Rental (4 Designs)

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Tiny House Rental. Renting a tiny house first could be a great idea before making a decision on purchasing one!

Rental is charged on a per week basis.

The images are of the following designs:

1) Rob's Design
2) Minimalist
3) The Whispers
4) Reyes

Collection of a 4-weeks deposit before delivery and land is not provided.

There will be free delivery (only applicable to VIC and NSW) and free set up cost if the rental is 6 months and above.

As long as the water and electrical point is within 10m range, there is no additional cost involved for the set up. There will also be no additional cost involved for the set up if your selected ground is relatively flat. For sewage, it will be using a compost toilet which will be provided in the set up.


Location: Campbellfield VIC
Listing Type: Tiny Houses
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Located in a park? no
Pet Friendly? yes