Tips to Get Your Cabin Sold

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Tips on how to get your cabin sold.

It only takes seven seconds for humans to reach a first impression. Be it good or bad, in a couple of blinks of the eye, we’ve already sized you up! The same can be said for property inspections. To get your cabin sold you need to make a positive impact as soon as a potential buyer steps into the front yard.

Here are our tips for getting your cabin sale ready.

Always be inspection ready. 

If you are looking to sell and your cabin is located in a caravan park, you should have your asset in tip top shape for any potential buyers that may be around. Short stay tourists and family and friends of other annual site holders will possibly walk past your cabin. Have your front yard or entrance looking appealing and your for sale sign up, ready to attract any potential buyers.

What’s on the outside counts. 

Ever heard real estate agents talk about curbside appeal? The same can be applied to caravan park cabins and vans. Potential buyers should be able to look at a cabin and imagine themselves there. Your front yard should be neat and tidy, your deck be clutter free and the outside of your cabin clean and if possible, freshly painted.

Get Your Cabin Sold Neat External Cabin
Presentation, presentation, presentation! 

Your potential buyers are already happy with the location, now it’s about what’s on the inside that counts. Here are our tips for presenting your cabin so it gets sold:

  • De-clutter: Buyers do not want your life story, just your cabin. Remove excess items and keep bench tops free and spacious
  • Clean bathrooms, kitchen, cupboards, cobwebs, dust and any other area buyers will see
  • Close cupboard and wardrobe doors and avoid drawing the buyer’s attention away from the space 
  • Cabins are confined and to achieve a good flow, so ensure linen matches from room to room
  • When selling, people will want to see inside your cabin. Ensure curtains are always open for viewing and for light when inspecting
  • If something smells nice, it will evoke a positive memory. Candles, oils, or battery operated fragrance gadgets work wonders
  • Only display items in the cabin that are included in the sale. This avoids disputes at settlement


You don’t have to be an interior designer to present your cabin well. Just like you don’t have to have the flashest cabin in the row to find a buyer. Similar to the real estate world outside caravan parks, there are buyers for every price point. 

Following our simple tips and presenting your cabin well will help you find more potential buyers, at a higher price and get your cabin sold faster. 

Now your cabin is ready for sale, you’ll need some professional images to capture the attention of your potential online buyers. Take a look at our our photo styling tips to help sell your cabin. 

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